Our Mission

Pure Design Ministries began as a dream in my heart in 2007 as I sat through a weekend conference and watched an amazing transformation take place in the lives of hundreds of women.  These women came in hopeless, many of them depressed and looking for a way to move forward with their lives. I watched as the hours progressed and the speaker shared her own personal story of perseverance how women began to sit up a little taller, embracing hope for themselves and dreaming dreams for their own lives.


At this point, I had been a youth pastor for 10 years. I had heard a lot of stories from teen girls that concerned me.  Girls who hated themselves and despised the way they looked.  Girls who struggled with eating disorders and issues of self-harm.  A few had faced hard situations growing up and felt stuck in the past.  Most of these were churched girls who had good, loving parents who wanted the very best for them. Yet behind closed doors, they were struggling to cope with life.  Often times these teens didn’t know how to have real friendships with others and didn’t know how to love themselves.


As I continued pastoring teen girls, my heart broke for them and I began dreaming of ways I could help beyond my role inside the church.  My heart was to truly make a lasting impact in their lives. In 2012, I finally launched Pure Design Ministries.  Pure Design seeks to create a counter-cultural brand that empowers girls to set higher standards by imparting confidence through truth and authenticity.  Through online and in-print publications, annual conferences, smaller workshops, blogs and social media posts, we desire to speak truth to a generation of young women calling them to rise up and lead their generation.


Pure Design Teen Magazine was the first key piece to Pure Design.  This dream began as I looked for a tangible way to get into the lives and homes of as many teenage girls as possible.  Without any prior knowledge in publication or printing, I went to my fifteen-year-old daughter who wanted to be a fashion designer and asked her what she thought about starting a magazine for teenage girls that would merge my love for mentoring and writing with her passion for fashion?  She was very excited, so we reached out to a professional photographer who also had a teenage daughter.  A third friend and her daughter jumped onboard as well, and we began brainstorming as a team of three moms and three daughters.  Six years later we now have a team of twenty-five to thirty volunteers who help with our publications and events.  Pure Design Magazine is a quarterly magazine for teens by teens to inspire girls in self-image, self-worth and pure beauty.  The team is composed of teenage girls who brainstorm, model, write, do photography, prepare recipes and then pass on their ideas to professional graphic artists and photographers who put it into publication.  Topics discussed in this magazine include body image, depression, eating disorders, relationships with parents, dating, sexual purity and many other real-life issues teens face today. 


The magazine is fashion-oriented with several fashion spreads including models of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities.  We do not photo shop or edit images of girls, except for lighting. We want real, authentic photography throughout.  We also have quizzes, recipes, interviews and more.


In addition to the magazine, we launched an annual Pure Beauty Conference for middle and high school girls.  This day includes discussions on many of the same topics, but is also filled with a lot of fun activities including a fashion show, giveaways, make-overs, shopping, photo booths, crafts, music, dance and food.  Girls are encouraged to share their struggles with others in the room and it is a powerful day of change for many of them.  We desire to launch shorter versions of this conference next year for youth groups, schools and other organizations to host.  We hope to share this event with several young women throughout the state and country as funding becomes available.


Pure Design posts blogs a few times each month, as well as daily social media posts for encouragement and inspiration. We encourage teen girls through scriptures, quotes and fun photography to rise above the challenges of life and walk in confidence as unique individuals.


Leadership Summits are another desire to bring together young entrepreneurs to encourage them in their dreams and desires. By utilizing knowledge from current entrepreneurs, these girls can gain vision for the careers they hope to one day start.


In addition to these publications, events and social media posts, we desire to help bridge the gap between moms and daughters.  Our heart is to see strong families supporting teen girls to become strong leaders for the future.


Pure Design is about impacting a generation with truth.  Truth sets people free – young and old.  But young people want truth.  They don’t want fake, they want real and authentic.  Through sharing real life stories, girls are empowered to see they are not alone and they are not isolated in the issues they face.  We desire to empower girls so they in turn can empower others!


If you’d like to learn more about Pure Design Ministries, Teen Magazine or about our events, check out our website at www.puredesignteenmagazine.com.


Grateful to make an impact!

Pamela Lozano
Founder & President

Pure Design Ministries & Magazine


FB:  @PureDesignTeenMag

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